Jeff Banks Commuter Travel Bags

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Jeff banks design concept for travel luggage is based on five decades of industrial design. Careful research has gone into the creation of this ergonomic range of luggage.

The designs incorporate the latest technologically developed fabrics and hardware. Industrial qualities of nylon and polyurethane coated fabrics ensure contemporary design harnessed for durability. Polyurethane fabrics are a modern technological advancement their production involves the lamination of a knitted fabric to a film of polyurethane.

Depending on the various structures of the three main components, Fabric, polyurethane and adhesive lamination a wide range of technologically advanced fabrics are created. Polyurethane fabrics are durable, abrasion resistant, soft, lightweight and breathable which make them highly suitable for technically advanced products. The latest machinery is utilised in the sticking and zip and components application within these products.

Jeff Banks has been a renowned designer within the United Kingdom for over five decades. He has twice been British Designer of the Year. Commended for design by the Duke of Edinburgh. Awarded the C.B.E for contribution to design.

Thorough testing and quality control. Internationally audited manufacture Made in China.

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