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What to Wear to a Job Interview

If you have a big job interview on the cards, Jeff Banks is on your side – and presents his advice for a perfect job interview outfit.


One of the reasons that somebody goes out and invests in a suit is because they’ve got a big job interview coming up – and that suit is absolutely critical, because it tells everything about the personality, so, look for a suit that’s not too conservative of a colour, but shows a bit of imagination.

The fit is absolutely perfect, so you look sharp.  Not too extrovert –  that’s the one factor that would put somebody off –  and make sure that every detail; the pocket square, the tie, the shirt – all of that is going to impress somebody that’s going to look at you for the first time when you walk through that door, and you have to make that first impression last – absolutely vital.

So, Hilton is actually wearing a single-breasted, two button, notch lapel, very modern suit length, narrow tapered trousers and wearing a waistcoat that shows that he’s dressed for the part, and really wants the job. If you have to take the jacket off because it’s warm in the office, you’re still well dressed underneath.

Now this suit – apart from all the detail in it – it’s the fabric that counts, because this is a Jeff Banks travel suit and the travel suit is actually made from a nano technology fabric, and the nano technology – which was invented by NASA for the moon landing – has actually got a little globule on all of the yarns, and that little globule will reject water.

It keeps a temperature control on the fabric and on top of that, it’s crease resistant, so you can scrunch it up in your hand and it doesn’t crease. So, if you’re on a train or a plane, even if you’re riding your bike, this is the suit to wear.

So if you’re commuting into the office in London or Manchester or Leeds, this could be the answer and the great thing is the way it just rejects liquid. Have that.

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