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What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Winter wedding season is in full flow, and that eternal question is beginning to crop up in Jeff Banks’ inbox. What should you wear to a winter wedding this year? The man himself is here to shed some light…

Lots of people get married just before Christmas, so what I’ve chosen is this Jeff Banks Brit Suit made in Poly Viscose fabric, which has a light sheen to it. It’s in a dark, kind of winter mulberry colour, with an overcheck.

Its very slim, slim on the shoulders, slim in the trouser. It’s not for excess when you’re actually at the wedding breakfast, so this one is very slim cut.

I’ve put it together with a winter print shirt, which is a revival of the William Morris arts and crafts movement. Again, it’s mixing print and check together. I’ve put this together with again a kind of William Morris inspired paisley tie.

Very dark, winter burgundy colour, with a touch of blue, completed with a pair of black lace up shoes.

Very smart and smooth. So, with this outfit, you’re not going to outdo the groom and you’re certainly not going to outdo the bride.

Jeff Banks Brit Suit Collection