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What to Wear to a Christmas Party

Its party time! Jeff Banks and Hilton have gotten their festive wardrobes together into two classic Christmas styles. Prepare your prints and pick out your perfect wardrobe with Jeff Banks.

Hey! It’s party time! What is it you’re going to wear to this year’s Christmas party?

Is it going to be business, is it going to be friends, is it going to be going round your mums, what’s it going to be?

You can’t go wrong with this for a bit of bling and a little bit of flash – Hilton is wearing a brocade jacket. It’s a design that I’ve based upon one of my tie designs. I had the fabric, printed enough to make this fantastic jacket, and its literally ‘go anywhere’ in this.

A bit stunning when you first see it but hey, if you’re going to enter a room at a party and you want to make an impression, this is the one.

Never go wrong with just a plain white shirt, cut away collar, pointed collar, all of that’s okay, worn open neck, slight informality – but the jacket says it all.

Don’t forget the pocket square. It just shows that you care a little bit about your appearance.

Slim trouser, black shoe…you can’t go wrong. If you were going to a smart do, you could actually put a black bow tie with this and that would really seal it.


As for me, I’ve gone for the eponymous black suit. You can’t go wrong having one in your wardrobe.

But instead of putting the white shirt with it, I’ve actually gone for this really dark woodland floral print.

I think this is quite cool for a party this Christmas.

And I’ve got my dancing shoes on – they’re a leather upper shoe with a white sole.

Ready to boogie. What do you think Hilton?

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