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What to Wear to Black Tie Events

Jeff Banks and Hilton are masters of looking dapper – so it’s no surprise they’re experts in the Black Tie dress code. Today, they’ve put together some of their  favourite black tie wardrobes, ideal for evening events, formal occasions or tuxedo styling.

Well, award ceremony season is here again, and this is when like every club, every company seems to have an award ceremony.

You might think of doing something special, but on the other hand, you can never go wrong with a black tie suit. On top of that, there are tons of evening weddings these days. So a black tie suit can always come out of the wardrobe.

Hilton’s wearing a Jeff Banks Stvdio black tie suit. It’s got a peak lapel – satin, so it’s got an element of formality about it, side pockets are slightly sloping, they’ve got satin detail on the jet pocket, and its single button, single breasted.

The shirt is a wing collar. Traditionally, wing collars were only ever worn for white tie events, but times change, and it’s now perfectly acceptable to wear a wing collar with a black tie event.


Me, I’ve gone slightly more traditional.

I’ve got a single button, single breasted suit, it’s got half satin, and I’m wearing it with one of my favourite waistcoats with a satin edge to it from the Stvdio collection.

Again, traditionally with a black tie suit, men used to wear cummerbunds, and by the end of the evening they’d fallen down below their belly and their shirts were hanging out! To me, that’s not a great look, so I always plump for either a satin waistcoat or a matching waistcoat to go with my black tie suit.

I’ve actually got on a Jeff banks forward point collar and it’s got what’s called a Marcella front. Now, Marcella is a particular weave of cotton. It’s got a dimple effect to it, and an air of formality about it. So, the shirt has got a marcella front and the cuffs are matching as well, so it’s absolutely perfect for a dinner suit arrangement.

The season is on us. Might be a wedding, could be a club do. Don’t miss out; plump for one of these.

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