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What to Wear to an Award Ceremony

It’s award ceremony season – and time to wear your best. Suit up with Jeff Banks and Hilton, showing off two of their finest award ceremony styles. Exclusively from Jeff Banks.

Coming up for Christmas, and into the new year, it’s the award ceremony season.

These days there are more and more of them. It’s like every industry, every club seems to have an award ceremony at this time of the year.

So, what do you wear? Once upon a time it was fairly easy, people used to go out and hire a black tie suit – Job done. Not anymore, because it’s getting a little bit more inventive.

So for me, this season, I’ve come up with the ultimate in velvet jackets. I could have done it in the traditional kind of colours, but I didn’t want to – so I’ve gone for this deep emerald green velvet.

It’s kind of a real statement piece. And if you walk into an award ceremony the eyes are going to be on you, and if you actually get to win, then this is the one.

We’re wearing it with a plain white shirt, which you can’t go wrong with that, but with a black tie, not a bow tie. Ever since Brad Pitt turned up at the Oscars about ten years ago wearing a slim black tie with his dinner suit, that changed the planet. So that’s what we’ve got on here.

Black trouser, black suede shoe – you can’t go wrong.

As for me, I’m just a bit of a traditionalist.

So, I’ve stuck with the Jeff Banks Studio Black Suit. That’s got a satin lapel edge to it.

Waistcoat, I always wear a waistcoat with my black tie. It saves those awful cummerbunds. If you take your jacket off, you haven’t got your shirt hanging out at the back, so this is a safety valve for me. You can’t go wrong having one of these in your wardrobe.

Price is fantastic – why would you even bother hiring one?

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