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What to Wear to an Autumn Wedding

Jeff Banks is the authority in suiting – so it’s no wonder that he’s faced with fashion questions on a near daily basis. Today Jeff takes a moment to give his recommendations for that perfect Autumn Wedding wardrobe.

One of the questions I get asked a lot is “What kind of suit should I wear to an autumn wedding”.

So, Autumn Wedding season is around the end of August, going through to September, October.

Now, you’d wear a blue suit like this maybe in the Spring, certainly into the high summer with a linen waistcoat.

But when it comes to the autumn you actually need calm it down a little. My suggestion would be go for grey – a sort of mid-tone grey. Now, this is our grey travel suit. It’s got a nano technology finish so if you happen to spill the odd glass of champagne down it, it just rolls off. It’s a peak lapel, single breasted, two button, comes with a waistcoat and it’s got a nice kind of formality about it.

So to get into the autumn drift, it’s the shirt, and the tie, and the handkerchief – the accessories – that are actually going to make this right for an autumn wedding.

So I’ve put this together with a shirt with a slight magenta stripe to it so its magenta and white. Magenta is kind of verging on purple and berry – getting into those autumn colours.

The tie is pure silk – obviously – and it’s got a floral jacquard feel to it. Almost like autumn flowers in the colouration of the tie.

And then, a little bit of bling with this lilac handkerchief to set the thing off.

Another of the questions that very often gets asked is “what colour shoes should I wear with a grey suit?”

Now, if you’re in Italy, you might go for a dark brown suede or something with aubergine colour leather to it. But in England, in Scotland, in Ireland, and in Wales, go for a black shoe.

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