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How to Wear a Pocket Square

You’re suited and booted, you look your best and it’s time for that finishing touch. Accessorise your suit jacket with that final flourish – the ever-enduring pocket square or pocket handkerchief.

Jeff Banks himself has taken the time to demonstrate his three favourite methods of styling out a pocket square.


There are loads of different ways that you can actually put your pocket square into your pocket – there’s no particular right or wrong way – but here’s three.

First of all, I call this the Loose Foulard – Shake the handkerchief out, hold it at the centre and it’s just a little flick in and just let it burst out of the top.

The second way is to point the handkerchief. Tie it into a loose little knot at the end, Insert it into the pocket and you get these loose points.

Third way is the three pointed handkerchief. So, you make a triangle out of a hanky, you bring one side up into a point at one side, bring the other side into a point at the other side – and then, you insert into the pocket and adjust the points.



The Pocket Square is one of the simplest, most effective ways to add a flash of personality to your wardrobe. Jeff Banks has a vast selection of styles and colours to make the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

Check back soon for more top tricks from Jeff Banks!

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