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How to Tie a Tie with Jeff Banks

The tie is an enduring icon of menswear, and a must have accessory for the formal man seeking a real flourish; a finishing touch that adds colour and texture to your shirt. But for those of you who avoid the tie to prevent a fashion faux pas, worry not.

Jeff Banks knows the tie better than most, and he’s taken some time to show you the perfect way to capture two distinctive knots – The School boy, and the Windsor.

Watch now and perfect your necktie in style.

The Schoolboy

I’m going to show you how to tie a tie knot which is called “the School boy” – probably the most simple tie knot of all.

So, you need one third of the tie on one side, and two thirds down the other side.

Bring the tie over to across the front.

Bring it once over at the back.

Bring the tie back across the front again.

And bring it up through the back.

Draw it through.

Put the end through the knot that you’ve formed.

Then, simply pull the knot tight, and ease it up into the collar, and make sure that there’s more of the tie at the front, than there is at the back.

And the back, you put through the loop at the back of the tie.

Bring the collar down, and tighten it up into what’s called the tie space on the shirt – always keep it tight against the collar.

The Windsor

I’m going to show you how to tie a Windsor knot, which should be worn with a cutaway collar.

You need to have a lot of length on the tie – because you’re going to use a lot to make this very flamboyant knot.

Bring the tie first across at the front.

Around to the back.

And bring the tie through on one side.

Take the tie around the front to the other side and thread it through again the second time.

Then bring the tie across at the front. You should be able to see the tie is creating that V shape, which is the Windsor knot.

Thread the tie through at the front, and tighten the tie, and pull it up into the neck, shaping as you go.

Bring the collar down, and tighten the tie up finally giving it that V neck shape.

Thread the back of the tie, through the loop at the back.

And there, you have a Windsor knot.

Check back soon for more fashion tips and tricks from the expert; Jeff Banks will have more videos for you soon!

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