How to Wear Cufflinks

By 07/11/2019 Top Tips

There are two kinds of cufflinks for the man’s formal wardrobe. One is the T-Bar cufflink where it folds like a hinge. The other kind is a chain link cufflink.  Jeff Banks specialises in the T-Bar cufflink, and, today, he’s taken some time to show you how to fasten them quickly and effectively. Watch now.


You straighten up the T-bar, push it through both sides of the cuff – with two button holes on each side – push it through again, really easy to do – and with a quick flick, you put the T bar in the cross position.

Cufflink. Job done!

Convenient, sharp and utterly stylish; It has to be Jeff Banks. Tune in next time for some more how to videos and top tips and tricks from the expert.

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