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By 01/04/2016February 15th, 2017Fashion, Menswear, News, Tailoring, Uncategorized
If you are running an elite Chauffeur business in London ferrying VIP’s around in £100,000 cars, you have to be dressed accordingly.
When Gary Mansfield took delivery of his brand new S Class Mercedes, who better to turn to than one of his clients, Jeff Banks to get booted and suited.
This is not an easy task as the demands on a driver’s suit are similar to the demands of the car itself. Hours behind the wheel, jackets on put ordinary fabrics to the test for creasing. 
Changes of temperature are to be battled with. Fine inside the air conditioned cock pit but not so fine in and out during fair weather and foul. 
The car is always pristine and immaculate so the clothes must be as well. No nasty coffee spills or a dribble of orange juice allowed here. 
Gary plumped immediately for the Jeff Banks travel suit. Made from a state of the art Nano Technology fabric, it resists creasing, stays cool in the warm and gets hot in the cold. 
The fabric has a memory to resist any liquids being absorbed. Pour a can of “coke” over the suit and it just rolls off! In addition, the Jeff Banks design incorporates various breathable sections which make it extremely comfortable to wear.
Gary said “I’ve got three travel suits. One in black, one in grey and one in Navy. A wardrobe suitable for any job. I now feel my appearance matches the Merc. 
I’ll be recommending these to all my friends in the chauffeur business”.