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Jeff has taken part in a book, and it is now being published at the end of October.
Managing and Coping with Stress in the Workplace

by Brian Claridge and Cary Cooper

29th October 2014 | Hardback | £29.99

“Useful insight into ‘life at the top’…a fascinating look at business life that tackles the subject of stress head on”

– Kelly Hoppen, interior designer, entrepreneur and business investor on Dragon’s Den

Based upon interviews with individuals in high pressure positions, Stress in the Spotlight gives an insight into stress, revealing how people under pressure cope with difficult situations and decisions.  Interviewees include a former bomb disposal expert who neutralised bombs in war torn areas like Afghanistan and Iraq; as well as a leading surgeon at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital who (with his team) performed a ground breaking operation to separate twins who were joined at the head. Other successful business people featured in the book include Dame Mary Perkins, founder of Specsavers; Jeff Banks, fashion designer; Frederick Forsyth, bestselling author; Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi; and Ken Hom, celebrity chef, TV presenter and author.

Stress in the Spotlight is intended for anyone looking to cope more efficiently in the workplace, whether junior, middle or senior management. It will help readers think more positively about their own pressures, and demonstrate how to overcome obstacles, deal with difficult people, get self-motivated, face challenges, establish goals, and avoid work taking over personal life. This is not a self-help book.  Instead, it aims to give an insight into ‘life at the top’ by revealing how people in high-pressure jobs cope with stressful situations and achieve the right balance between work and home life.

The authors consist of journalist Brian Claridge, who came up with the idea for the book and conducted the interviews, and psychologist Sir Cary Cooper, who provides expert analyses on what lessons can be learnt from each of our high profile interviewees.  Brian is a freelance journalist who interviews business entrepreneurs and celebrities for national newspapers and magazines; and Sir Cary is Distinguished Professor of Organisational Psychology at Lancaster University.  He is a prolific author, President of Relate, Chair of the Academy of Social Sciences and regularly features in the media as an expert on health in the workplace.