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By 17/07/2011February 15th, 2017Uncategorized

On a wet Sunday on the 17 July Jeff rode the Anthony Maynard Sportif run annually to commemorate the memory of a young cycle rider from Reading CC who was killed six years ago by a White van.

The course was a 110 kilometres, starting at Theale in Berkshire and heading out to Lambourne and then back via Boxford, Great Shefford, Cold Ash and Chapel. The riders climbed over 1350 metres taking in eight major climbs at Apple Pie Hill, Yew Down, Hampden Hill, Wickham Green, Wickham Heath, Boxford Common, Winterbourne Holt and finally up over Red Shute Hill before a fast run down back to Theale.

“It was hard, wet, and cold” said Jeff after the event, “but the organisation was superb and I take my hat off to the fantastic marshals who spent the day out in the rain to make it safe for everyone involved”. “Me I came unstuck at about 80 kilometres and crashed on a wet and slippery fast corner. Nothing broken but I did leave a bit of skin on the road. Ouch!”