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Jeff Banks along with Yvette Jelfs returned to Ascot TV to present the very best of fashion at this years 2011 Royal Ascot. Every day for four days Jeff and Yvette with cameras at the ready were mingling with the record breaking crowds to deliver their selection of the best that was on offer.

In spite of a few mornings when the weather was overcast and some mornings when the heavens simply opened up nothing was going to deter the ladies of Ascot in putting their best outfits forward. This included Her Majesty the Queen, it was Jeff’s duty to commentate on her outfit each day in the Royal procession, who produced some stunning outfits.

There were no distinct trends this year, as it seems that this is a period when anything goes. If there was one positive message however it was that it is definitely OK to recycle and be seen in the same outfit twice. This was confirmed in a brief chat that Jeff had with the Duchess of Cornwall who told him that she thought her outfit for the Royal Wedding was too good to be confined to the back of the wardrobe just yet.

One wonderful movement Jeff did spot however was themed race going parties where groups of girls agreed on a theme of either colour or silhouette and all arrived together as a happy band of fashionistas. Great way of not losing your friends in the crowd!