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Jeff with Martina Milburn

A Balmy evening on top of One New Change opposite St Pauls gave Charles Dunstone Chairman of the Princes Trust the setting to host a splendid cocktail party for the retail industry.

Gina Moffat gave a spirited speech about how the Princes Trust mentoring had allowed her to have turned a corner in her life. Helen Jones MD to Zizzi recalled how her business became involved in the Princes Trust and the benefits she now sees rolling in as a result of the association.

Charles Dunstone gave an uplifting speech to the host of retailers that attended and new members were thick on the ground.

Jeff Banks ended his 2 year tenure as Chairman of the Retail Group and passed the reigns over to Steve Rowley.

Jeff with Natasha Faith and Semhal Zemikeal from La Diosa
Jeff with Mark Cotter MD of BMB